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Resource to kickstart your new business in Metro Atlanta with free or at cost services from established businesses. 

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Select the category that your new business needs help with. There are several categories to chose from and we are working hard to fill it up with a variety of vendors and services to chose from. If you are a starting business checkout the vendors and the list of services they are offering for free or at cost to The Start-Up Factory community.

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Build Out Your Profile

This shows others exactly what you can do or what your business needs are. Link to your social media pages and post up videos of your business. We will soon fill this section with the start-up factory podcast 🙂

Choose a vendor you need

As a vendor: create a list of services you offer. We ask to always have a free or almost free service with ability to upgrade for paid services. As a startup submit a quote request to the vendors for services your business needs.

Spread the word!

As vendors hit us up on discord to schedule a podcast show! As a startup promote those that helped you out through shout-out on your social media channels or video testimonials. We encourage you to also pay for premium services from the vendors.


Featured Providers

Get your time in the spotlight!  We rotate featured providers and will put vendors that do shows on this roster.

Metro Atlanta Marketplace of Professionals

We are building our list of vendors every day. If you are interested in participating as a Vendor or a Start-up company then join the local movement today and make a difference in your community.

Start-Up Business

Recent News

We will share community and local news of what is happening currently in the North Metro Atlanta area as it relates to business!

Why Join The Start-up Factory?

We are building a community that fosters entrepreneurship and connects start-ups to other local small businesses in a unique way. As a vendor you will get exposure in your community, be a part of the Forsyth Business Radio-X podcast show to tell your story and much more!

Meet new customers

New businesses come to you. All we ask is for you to offer some basic free services they can use to kickstart their ventures. You will earn life long customers at no to minimal cost to you!

Establish yourself as an expert

By participating in a show with thousands of potential listeners, you are establishing yourself as the market expert. As a result, your consumers will take notice, and go to you instead of your competitors, because you have demonstrated your expertise in the area through content marketing.

Build your online reputation

All vendors will have a chance to come on our show and tell us about yourself, how you got involved in your business, and most importantly teach others valuable information in your respective fields. You will be given this marketing content to use as you wish on your website, social media or other platforms.


What all the hype is about

The idea of the startup factory originated as a way to give back to the local community. The concept was to create a win-win marketing and sales strategy that would benefit everyone involved, and especially the community that the Start-up Factory serves. The goal is to provide tangible resources in form of services from established businesses to new entrepreneurs and start-ups in the most crucial time of a business - the starting point! By bring forth vendors that can providing access to resources such as technology, professional services, mentorship, and financing, the startup factory aims to help local businesses thrive. We ask for nothing in return but to spread the word to other vendors and new business owners that would benefit from this community. It's a win-win for everyone involved, and we're excited to see how it will benefits the community in the long run.
Zon Cartor
Lussa Smith
Stacie Matin
I am glad it finally launched!

I’ve heard about the start-up factory for over a year, however I am glad to see it finally launched!  Looking forward to make some connections

Looking forward to the show!

Content marketing is the best way to promote businesses. I am glad you are doing a show where vendors can participate! 🙂

Love to be a part of the community!

When I heard the idea I was very excited to sign up as a vendor! I love helping people and giving back and this was a great way to do both while gaining new clients!

Schedule a Podcast Interview!

Have you ever wanted to be on TV? We offer the next best thing - an in-depth, one-on-one interview with our expert hosts where you will be able to teach our audience some knowledge in your area of expertise. Podcasts allow people from around the world and all walks of life to hear your unique knowledge and story of how you got started in your respective business. Attract new customers and strengthen previous relationships by letting people learn more about you as a person and about your business. Join our Discord to schedule a show time!